Creating New Bonsai

Bonsai is a very fascinating art form, combining both design and science. When designing Bonsai the grower has to take into account that the tree needs to stay alive. Providing the tree with the best environment to continue to mature, giving the Bonsai more character as it ages.

 The tropical varieties can make very good indoor Bonsai, where as the northern varieties like maple, black pine,cedars and elm need to be wintered outdoors giving them a dormant period of growth. The Norfolk Island Pine makes a very good indoor Bonsai and can be enjoyed in bright light.
Another interesting Bonsai is the tropical African Jade 'Elephant Toes'.  This tree has been in training for 3 years, starting from a cutting it eventually was trained to grow root over the rock style. Using only organic gardening techniques, I think, get the best results. For more organic gardening tips. With out the harsh chemicals it helps keep the indoor environment healthier.

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